Why offset your carbon as a business?

Reducing your business’s carbon footprint is a bit like re-cycling your waste – individually your business’s efforts won’t make much difference globally, but if all businesses make an effort it will make a huge difference.

So with reducing your business’s carbon footprint – if all companies do it, it will make a noticeable impact on global emissions. The idea is to first reduce the business’s carbon footprint as much as possible by doing the obvious things such as reducing energy use through improved energy efficiency, re-cycling and avoiding wastage. Then a businesses can further reduce their carbon footprints by buying carbon offsets from an emission reducing project – this will reduce overall carbon emissions while improving the lives of the project beneficiaries, creating jobs, and alleviating poverty.

Reasons why your business might want to reduce its carbon footprint further by offsetting

  • Your business wishes to present a green and sustainability focused image to its customers for public relations or altruistic reasons
  • To satisfy its shareholders or owners
  • In support of its Corporate Social Responsibility commitments
  • To support a project of its choice and help its community
  • To reduce its carbon tax liability
  • To be able to compete with lower-carbon competitors, for instance in the export market
  • Because it makes business sense (green companies have been shown to increase shareholder more than their less-green competitors)

What you will get

  • A carbon credit retirement certificate, so your business can legitimately claim footprint reductions for public relations and corporate social responsibility purposes and support its low-carbon status with its customers
  • A business account in the Credible Carbon Registry enabling you to manage and monitor your offsetting
  • Access to the emission reduction projects and their audit reports
  • Possible reduction in its carbon tax liability

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