100 km on just a 10 minute charge


The company Kostad, based in Ebreichsdorf near Vienna, develops innovative charging stations for electric vehicles. To achieve its aim is to launch the best charging station available, the company is relying on technology derived from the Siemens control portfolio. This has enabled the company to reduce the time required for an 80% battery charge, enough for a travel distance of 100 km, from several hours to just ten minutes. As every charging station has a planned service life of around ten or more years, Kostad has opted to rely on proven industrial components from the Simatic and Sinamics portfolio from Siemens. The Triberium charger was developed specifically for stations with a high turnover frequency where a lot of cars need to be charged rapidly. The drivers are identified using radio frequency identification (RFID), and can then “fill up” conveniently without problems. The charge output ranges from 50 kW to 150 kW, allowing rapid charging of the electric car battery to 80% capacity within just 10 minutes.

Contact Keshin Govender, Siemens, Tel 011 652-2412, keshin.govender@siemens.com

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