Accurate power analyser for transformer testing


The new Yokogawa WT3000E Transformer Version is said to be the world’s most accurate precision power analyser dedicated to testing power transformers used in power utilities’ transmission and distribution networks. The device boasts a total power accuracy of ±0,01% at a power factor of 1 and frequencies between 44 and 66 Hz. With an accuracy of 0,5% at power factors as low as 0,01 at 100 V and 1 A, this analyser is suited to the precision testing of transformer losses, allowing transformer manufacturers to ensure their transformers meet prescribed specifications.  The device also features an intuitive 21,3 cm high-resolution TFT display which can be used to compare up to four waveforms in split-screen mode with clear safety and overload indicators. User-defined triggers can be set to capture readings that satisfy or fall outside user-defined conditions. Users can also define and use up to 20 custom computations.

Contact Christie Cronje, Yokogawa, Tel 011 831-6367, christie.cronje@yokogawa,com


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