Acoustic boiler steam leak detection system

South African industrial solutions provider RTS Africa Technologies has an effective solution to the challenge of boiler tube leaks. Boiler tube leaks are something of a ‘hot’ topic in South Africa, as the country’s national power utility, Eskom, continues to contend with various complex challenges – including that of boiler maintenance issues caused by, amongst other factors, boiler tube leaks. The company offers a boiler tube leak detection system from UK-based principal Procon Engineering, a global leader in the field of acoustic leak detection, which invented the technology and introduced it in 1974. Boiler tube leaks are fairly common. The US-based research organisation, the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI), reports that power generation plants in the US and Europe have, “on average, around 6% loss of plant availability due to boiler tube leaks” – a major loss factor for these facilities. With more than 250 installations in over 20 countries, Procon Engineering can proudly claim more experience and success than any other company in the field.

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