Adopt renewable-as-baseload strategy

Wale Yusuff, the managing director of Wärtsilä Nigeria, says it is time to question the suitability of the traditional approach to power generation which has shown its limitations and is no longer suitable to unleash Nigeria’s clean energy potential. The power mix, as currently envisaged in Nigeria’s Vision 2030, with a 30% share of renewable energy as well as a sizable share of thermal-based power, is a robust and appropriate mix for the country. Not only is it more sustainable going forward, but it is also more cost-effective, says the company. Detailed cost analysis has shown that renewables combined with flexible engine-based power plants are more economical than traditional baseload energy solutions, with a total cost of electricity down by 24%. Inflexibility has a cost by limiting how much cheap renewable energy can be economically integrated to the system.

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