Affordable solar home systems


African customers will have access to safe energy for a low monthly price, making Ignite the most affordable in the continent and multiplying the addressable market for solar home systems. The company, which is headquartered in Rwanda, has been able to change the energy paradigm in a continent afflicted by energy poverty with over 600-million people who have no access to power. By virtue of the company’s large-scale project model and its recently secured local currency debt financing, it is offering a price plan which multiplies the addressable market for solar home products. In less than a year the company became the largest rural utility in Rwanda. For only $4 a month, with no down payment, the company provides the most affordable plan in Africa according to a Sendea report. This is the first time in the continent’s history that a rural utility provides a nationwide solution to energy poverty at a price which 80% of the population can afford.

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