Aluzinc a game-changer for MCCs

The replacement of steel by aluzinc in the manufacture of Shaw Controls motor control centres (MCCs) brings a range of benefits to the company’s customers, according to Anderson Kohler, senior manager, operations. The company traditionally used steel for its MCCs, which must be powder coated in order to protect it from corrosion. This made it necessary to follow quite a long process to complete products – a process which aluzinc can now simplify and speed up. The usual process of preparing the MCC panels includes welding, grinding and pre-washing before the powder coating painting process can start. These phases can now be bypassed by using aluzinc, which effectively resists corrosion without a protective coating being applied. Kohler highlights the extended lifespan of aluzinc, which comprises 55% aluminium, 43,5% zinc and 1,5% silicon. Manufacturers of the product guarantee that it will last for about 35 years before any major maintenance is required.

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