Australian and South African partnership win recloser contract

After extensive technical evaluation and factory audits, Eskom has awarded the supply of 22 and 33 kV reclosers to Australian switchgear engineering firm Noja Power and its South African distributor, RWW Engineering. The company will deploy local manufacture and assembly of the controllers, together with factory testing of completed units ensuring Eskom receives reliable and high-quality products.

Reclosers on a powerline.

As a Level 4 B-BBEE company, this contract award secures local jobs and upskilling, providing a brighter future for electricity reliability and the energy industry in South Africa. Training of Eskom personnel is also included in the contract provision, while the international experience of Noja Power will provide support for knowledge transfer.

“We are proud to have been selected by Eskom to supply its recloser requirements through a detailed commercial and technical analysis of our products and production processes,” reports Noja Power Group Managing Director Neil O’Sullivan. “Local manufacturing by RWW will also ensure local technical expertise and skills are developed in our products in South Africa.”

The South African manufacturing business model for the Eskom contract has been successfully deployed in multiple nations where production volumes can justify investment. This transferable local manufacturing business model ensures that risks are mitigated for Eskom as RWW Engineering builds the Noja Power production line in time to meet the first orders.

Noja Power OSM reclosers exceed Eskom’s technical specifications and are the only reclosers to have internal arc-venting, ensuring the safety of operators and the general public. It was also the only firm to comply with technical specifications for operation at 33 kV.

Due to the highly flexible control and protection system, there are many applications such as smart grid automation, synchronising, live load blocking as well as the conventional recloser functions built in. Additional logic functions are available for programming, which make the system configurable for all different applications. The Noja Power CMS software is user-friendly and enables the setting or downloading of parameters, protection settings and meter data to a PC.

The CMS software includes a digital simulator which enable users to simulate the various functions and protection settings in the software prior to commissioning, thus ensuring correct operation of the unit, prior to going online.

The reclosers include a built-in GPS and Wi-Fi module and have an optional 4G modem as well. GPS allows for accurate time stamping and positioning co-ordinates in the field. Wi-Fi allows for remote communications in the field, which enables wireless communications with the device (up to 50 m away) for uploading or downloading protection and meter data or operation via the Noja Power app from a cellphone.

The Eskom units will all be connected to the engineering and the SCADA communication networks to enable remote control and monitoring of each individual recloser. Noja Power
is regarded as a world leader in recloser technology.

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