Battery cabinets for safe storage


A new range of battery cabinets has been released by a power provisioning company, Powermode. These locally-manufactured units are marketed under the Q-on banner, and are suitable for applications ranging from solar PV to uninterruptible power supply (UPS) and self-consumption systems.  The safe storage of batteries is important from a safety as well as space-saving perspectives. General hazards related to energy storage include chemical leakage and fire dangers as well as the possible escape of non-flammable gases when charging or discharging certain batteries. The Q-on cabinets, which are manufactured from rugged, durable steel to the highest standards and come with a quality guarantee, are available in four standard sizes (A8, A12, A16, A20), to suit a wide range of stand-alone or mobile requirements.  The compact, space-saving cabinets feature multiple, removable shelves, and come with a built-in battery switch breaker for battery isolation.

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