Bifacial solar module launched


Trina Solar recently announced that it has launched its high-efficiency bifacial module Duomax Twin. This product is an innovative solar module integrating the technology of the company’s high efficiency bifacial PERC cell and Duomax module. The company is known for its research and development of PERC cell technology and production, achieving several world records in mono-PERC cell conversion efficiency. Its extensive experience in mass producing Duomax modules has been validated by its customers worldwide, with total shipments of over 1 GW over the past years. Duomax Twin generates power from both the front and back sides of the solar module, and performs well even under weak light conditions. The front side receives direct sunlight, while the back side receives reflected and scattered light. Compared with traditional single-sided modules, this module can deliver as much as 25% more generating capacity.

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