Biogas plant given a new lease of life

Nordmethan, a company in the Weltec Biopower Group, has taken over an insolvent biogas plant in Germany. The company says it will modernise the 2,2 MW plant and return it to full operation as a going concern. The original plant had been set up in 2009 for the digestion of horse manure and the sale of the digestate as fertiliser pellets. However, as the concept turned out to be technically difficult and economically unfeasible, the plant went bankrupt.

Following the takeover, the two digesters with a capacity of 3000 m³ each will be largely fed with renewable raw materials and horse manure from local suppliers within a range of less than 15 km. The generated biogas will be used to run two cogeneration power plants, each with an electrical output of 1,1 MW, which will be sold to the public power grid.

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