Biogas plant lineup expanded

Weltec Biopower is currently building three anaerobic digestion plants in Northern Ireland. All three 500 kW plants will be completed and go live soon. Two of them are being set up in County Antrim in north-east Northern Ireland. Another plant is being built in Benburb in County Tyrone. The company will soon account for nine of a total of about 40 biogas plants in Northern Ireland. In recognition of this strong overseas commitment, the company recently qualified for the second place in the ranking of the German Foreign Trade Award.

At first glance, the three new 500 kW plants look similar, but each plant has an individual concept as substrate composition and retention times vary. For example, the plant in County Antrim will only have one 2625 m³ stainless-steel digester. The second plant, located nearby, provides for two digesters with a capacity of 2625 m³ each. The plant in Benburb will use a slightly larger stainless-steel digester in order to extract as much energy as possible from the substrates.

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