Bridging between traditional and new energy

The global transition to fully realising the potential of renewable energy is a complex and multi-faceted process relying heavily on variable factors such as natural and financial resources that differ from country to country. Bridging between power generation from traditional fossil fuels to renewables requires in-depth prior planning and the simultaneous consideration of multiple factors.

Tony Frencham

The key to the effective use of renewable resources lies in achieving a balance of three principles: reliability, affordability and sustainability, sometimes known as the “energy trilemma”. Building a future that meets these needs in the right priority and based on local conditions is essential for an orderly energy transition.

The move towards renewable energy is progressing differently across the world with developing countries needing to consider additional factors, such as the pressing imperative to provide universal access to energy.

The future brings a growing portfolio of renewables working alongside traditional energy sources, in certain instances integrated in hybrid form. Enablers, such as energy storage and smart energy systems, will play an important role in this transition.

Expertise in the renewable energy sector enables companies to work with utilities, governments and energy companies around the world. Such expertise makes it possible to successfully close out key renewable energy projects, such as the Lake Turkana Wind Farm Project in Kenya, the largest of its kind in sub-Saharan Africa; as well being able to consult for consortiums which may build new solar parks. It also opens doors to inter-governmental programmes such as Power Africa which strives to alleviate power shortages in sub-Saharan Africa. The focus of the programme is to provide 30 000 MW of electricity to the region through a hybrid mix of both conventional and renewable resources.

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