Carbon fibre couplings for power transmission


High performance carbon fibre shaft couplings from Bibby Turboflex, part of the Altra Industrial Motion Group, can dramatically simplify the design, installation and maintenance of power transmission systems requiring long horizontal or vertical shafts, while also improving dynamic performance. The company’s floating shaft couplings are a favoured solution for power transmission applications requiring the connection of widely separated shafts. The design compensates for angular, parallel and axial misalignment using two metal disc couplings separated by a fabricated spacer shaft, which can be anything from a few hundred millimetres to several meters in length. Standard models in the range use a hollow steel spacer shaft, but a significant number of applications benefit from the use of a spacer shaft constructed from carbon fibre reinforced composite. Those advantages stem from the low mass and high stiffness of the carbon fibre spacers, which could be as much as 80% lighter than their steel counterparts.

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