Chint: Making electricity more efficient, safer and greener

Founded in 1984, Chint has become a leader in Chinese industrial electrical equipment and clean energy. The company believes in the philosophy, “Make electricity more efficient, safer and greener” which it has employed since it produced its first miniature circuit breaker 33 years ago.

Chint is a supplier of low-voltage electrical products and has ventured into transmission and distribution, medium and high-voltage equipment manufacturing, and has gradually grown into a leader in the electric industry.

Intelligent, energy-efficient transmission and distribution equipment by Chint stabilises power transmission and reduces power losses. The company’s measurement and control solutions provide precise control of energy metering and its automation and information systems promote energy efficiency.

Chint is the largest manufacturer of low-voltage electrical products in China. Its products are sold in more than 130 countries and regions around the world, including Europe, Asia, the Middle East and Africa. It has a total asset base of $7,1-billion and employs 30 000 people. It has 97 subsidiaries internationally and over 2300 distributors around the world. After 33 years of development, the Chint Group is today Asia’s largest low-voltage electrical product supplier.

Fig. 1: Range of products from Chint.

Products range from low-voltage electrical products to power transmission and distribution equipment and services, instruments and meters, building appliances, automobile parts, industrial automation and PV power generation equipment, among others.

It is one of the largest clean energy suppliers and energy efficiency management solutions providers with the most complete product ranges in China. It has three research and development centres located in Europe, North America and China respectively.

As a world-class supplier of low-voltage electrical products, Chint power distribution products include more than 100 series and 10 000 specifications.

As a low-voltage electrical brand with the largest production and sales in Asia, the company provides a “one-stop” low-voltage distributor offering solutions for power grids, the petrochemical and manufacturing industries, real estate, the construction industry, and many others.

Medium coltage products

Its transmission and distribution products provide complete power transmission and distribution system solutions and general engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) services for industry, infrastructure and residential markets.

With extensive experience in the manufacturing and installation of transformers, GIS, switch cabinets, high and medium-voltage components, wire and covering power transmission and distribution, Chint provides reliable products and services for the State Grid Corporation of China, China Southern Power Grid Corporation, Inner Mongolia Power and other mainstream power
grid companies in nearly 500 substation and power transmission projects across the country.

Chint’s intelligent, energy-efficient transmission and distribution equipment is sold in more than 129 countries and the company provides EPC services for dozens of countries around the globe.

The Chint Group’s sub-brands include Noark, Astronergy, Xinhua, Chitic and others. These brands cover photovoltaic power generation, industrial automation, power transmission and distribution equipment, low-voltage electrical apparatus, instruments and meters, building electrical appliances, automotive electrical and other fields.

As a world leader in electrical solutions, Chint’s products, used in clean energy generation, greatly improve the power conversion rate. Intelligent transmission and distribution equipment with low energy consumption stabilises power electricity transmission and effectively reduces costs.

Consolidated Electrical Distributor (CED SA) is the exclusive distributor of Chint circuit breakers and Horizon switches and sockets in South Africa. The company supplies electrical wholesalers, distributors, OEMs and panel builders.

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