Cigré President’s address

Cigré’s next administrative council meeting, to be held on the 12 and 13 September, will consider the organisation’s strategies regarding specific actions relating to the inclusion of Distribution experts into the existing Study Committee structure, as well as a new marketing strategy.


The aim is to provide National Committees with adequate, easy to use, low-cost tools which can be used to present to industry, describing Cigré’s mandate, how to join the organisation, its structure, documents, conferences, and so on. While these tools need to be standardised, they must also be flexible enough to meet specific needs and be available in the language of any National Committee. It is also hoped that a dedicated webpage will be made available which National Committees can tailor to suit their needs.

Cigré papers and articles

The new e-cigré website is now available. Papers are also searchable on search engines such as Google. Such searches generally return references to brochures and Electra articles on the topic searched for. However, if the word “Cigré” is omitted from the search box, the search engine might not return Cigré documents. It is hoped this will change as these documents are frequently searched for.

If a referenced brochure is over three years old, simply clicking on the link will download the brochure. This makes searching for documents far easier for members.

Cooperation in Africa

The organisation is getting involved in areas with little or no Cigré membership or presence, including countries in Africa. Memorandums of understanding are being considered with the African Standards authority (AFSEC), and the utility organisation in Africa (APUA). Cooperation with the African Development Bank is also being explored in order to share technical information and knowledge which Cigré has with African nations which lack access to such information.

It is hoped this information will enable skills-growth in Africa and result in electricity becoming available to those areas which currently have no access to electricity. This will greatly assist in the provision of clean energy and provide a catalyst for growth in these areas. The fact that Cigré has the potential to change the world for the better should not be under-estimated.


It has been brought to our attention that many members do not know about or receive this newsletter. Members need to register for the newsletter on the Cigré homepage.

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