Cigré updates vision and mission


Rob Stephen

Cigré has been looking at a number of action items which will benefit its members and stakeholders. To this end, Rob Stephen, the international president of Cigré, has announced that the organisation has agreed on updated mission and vision statements which he says should be used consistently across all parts of the organisation.

Mission statement

The new mission wording is “To be the world’s foremost collaborative technical reference organisation for all aspects of electric power systems”.

Founded in 1921, Cigré, the Council on Large Electric Systems, is an international non-profit association for promoting collaboration with experts from all around the world by sharing knowledge and joining forces to improve electric power systems of today and tomorrow.

Cigré counts more than 3500 experts from all around the world working actively together in structured work programmes coordinated by 16 Study Committees which are overseen by the Technical Council. Their main objectives are to design and deploy the power system of the future, optimise existing equipment and power systems, respect the environment and facilitate access to information.

According to Stephen, importance is placed on the words “collaborative” and “reference”. Collaborative being the way Cigré aims to operate via obtaining views and inputs from experts in all areas of the world, and “reference” implying that the organisation produces documents which can be referred to for information from which persons can make their decisions.

Stephen says the organisation aims to provide information in an unbiased and objective manner to enable others to make informed decisions.

Vision statement

The new vision wording is “To be universally recognised as the leading global organisation for all aspects of electric power systems”.

The emphasis here being on all aspects of electric power systems. This includes all voltages, microgrids, smart grids, beyond meter solutions, markets, etc.

Stephen, who is the first African president of the organisation, has called on its members to comment on these and any other matters with the aim of improving the value of Cigré to all those involved in the electric power sector.

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