Climate sensitivity uncertainties leading to more concern

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* Feature articles*
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Climate sensitivity uncertainties leading to more concern *Video by Peter Sinclair* Video explores climate sensitivity to a doubling of CO2 from pre-industrial levels. Models projecting greater warming thought more reliable.
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Novelist explores how ‘weird’ humans truly are *Interview by Amy Brady* A conversation with Marian Womack, author of *Lost Objects*.
* Radio stories*
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How extreme weather can harm children’s mental health One family’s experience shows how disasters can affect young people. ——————————
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The Environmental Voter Project is organizing people to vote on climate Nathaniel Stinnett says many Americans who care about climate change don’t make it to the voting booth. ——————————
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Flash flood risks grow as downpours get more intense Here’s why. ——————————
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A new relief shelter in Puerto Rico will be made from tires and mud The solar-powered shelter, known as an ‘earthship’, offers an example of how people could be protected during future disasters. ——————————
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Hot weather may be harming our fertility A recent study finds that after heat waves, birth rates drop. —————————— * Other recent postings*
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