Combined solar and methane power plant


A combined solar and methane power plant in South Australia is set to begin operating soon. The plant will channel thermal energy from solar panels and methane gas from decomposed waste through a shared turbine inter-connector. A generator will then convert the two sources of energy into electricity to be fed into the grid. The plant will be managed by the Northern Adelaide Waste Management Authority (NAWMA) and will start generating electricity soon. Gas produced from decomposing waste will act as the plant’s base-load power source, and will produce about 11 GWh of electricity each year to power about 1800 homes. The site’s 5000 m2 size solar panel farm is expected to produce about 2 GWh of electricity each year, powering around 300 homes. The project is a joint effort between NAWMA and South Australian energy companies Joule Energy and LMS Energy, which will negotiate commercial contracts with the state’s public power network to feed electricity into the grid.

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