Commercial operations start at Kusile Unit One

GE recently announced that it has successfully commenced commercial operations of Unit One of Kusile’s coal power plant. GE’s scope in Kusile Unit One is the engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) of six turbine islands, air cooled condensers, and wet flue gas desulphurisation plant (WFGD). The WFGD plant is an environmental control solution, and the first to be built on a power plant in Africa. GE Steam Power System’s efficient technologies help make Kusile one of the cleanest coal fired power plants in the continent. Ultra-supercritical power generation technology keeps raising the efficiency bar of coal power plants. It has achieved 47,5% efficiency in the world’s most efficient coal power plant in Germany, well above the global average of 33%. Each percentage point improvement in efficiency is significant as each point reduces CO2 emissions from coal power plants by 2%. Besides USC power generation technology, Kusile is the first power plant in the continent to deploy state of the art wet flue gas desulfurisation technology. This air quality control system ensures the highest removal of sulfur and dust from the air.

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