Committed to powering Africa

Power management company Eaton recently announced its commitment to “Power Africa”, bringing world-class innovation, technology and a 90 year heritage in Africa to the forefront. With the goal of doubling electricity supply across the continent and increasing access to reliable, affordable and sustainable power, key private sector initiatives are crucial to the program’s success. Africa is home to the youngest population on the planet and a workforce that is projected to surpass India and China by 2034 yet according to the International Energy Agency 68% of the population is still without power. With these projections, a coordinated effort to help close power transactions, catalyse new investment, and enhance regulatory environments to ensure Africa’s infrastructure can sustain the economic growth being driven by its citizens, is critical. The “Power Africa” initiative was launched by President Barack Obama during his Africa tour in July 2013 and will continue under the Trump administration. The program aims to increase access to power by adding more than 30 000 MW of cleaner, more efficient electricity generation capacity to the grid, as well as increase electricity access by adding 60-million new homes and business connections throughout sub-Saharan Africa by 2030.

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