Company halves its carbon footprint

In early-2015 Jasco realised the opportunity to harness its expertise on a solar project at its own head office complex: Jasco Park. Located in Midrand, north of Johannesburg, Jasco Park houses over 250 of the firm’s staff, as well as a data centre and various other amenities. The vision was to use solar electricity to power much of the campus energy needs, to cut down on the costs of traditional power, reduce dependency on the national grid, and gain valuable insights into clean energy deployments.

The team began the installation of a solar carport system in April 2015, leveraging the real estate available above the carports used by staff and visitors. Phase 1 of the project involved the installation of 53 kW of solar panels, accompanied by two 25 kW inverters to generate up to 50 kW AC power during peak generation periods. Phase 2 saw the additional installation of a brand new solar carport system in the Northern section of the Jasco campus.

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