Conference to address underdeveloped Africa


Consulting Engineers South Africa is hosting the 24th FIDIC-GAMA 2017 conference in South Africa, at the Cape Town International Convention Centre. The event will bring together over 350 delegates from across Africa and the rest of the world under the theme: “African Partnerships for Sustainable Growth”. The three-day conference will start on 7 May and is suitable for consulting engineers, government officials, State-owned entities, local administrative authorities, funding agencies, contractors, suppliers of construction equipment and materials, investors and other stakeholders in the built environment from the public and private sectors.

The International Federation of Consulting Engineers (FIDIC) was founded in 1913. One of its objectives is to “Promote and assist the worldwide development of viable consulting engineering industries”. GAMA is the Group of Africa Member Associations of FIDIC.

The conference addresses some of the problems associated with Africa’s infrastructure under-development inter alia owing to lack of investments, maintenance and replacement. This is to be achieved through the initiation of dialogue and partnership among conference participants; with the strategic intent of sharing and implementing best practices in a sustainable manner.

Underdeveloped infrastructure is one of the five economic challenges facing the continent. Africa has continued to be bedevilled by inadequate transport and communication links needed to help move goods and services, labour and capital between its countries and towns.

To address this underdevelopment, keynote speakers will deliberate on issues pertaining to improving connectivity of ports, airports, national roads, water and energy, as catalysts of sustainable growth and development of countries across the continent, starting with 16 GAMA countries. The conference will provide opportunities for investors and funding agencies to give insight into the various models and opportunities available for infrastructure investment.

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