Consultancy runs on sunshine

Since the installation of photovoltaic (PV) panels on the roof of its Illovo premises, SRK Consulting’s Johannesburg practice has been augmenting the power it draws from City Power, according to managing director Vis Reddy. In order to operate in an environmentally sustainable manner, the company installed a borehole, planted its gardens with hardy indigenous plants and installed LED lighting. Adding rooftop solar panels was its obvious next step.

The company installed 442 solar panels on its north-facing, west-facing and east-facing roof surfaces, all angled at 25° to the horizontal. The company says that savings in August this year reached almost 30%. While the capacity of the solar panels and batteries does not make the building self-sufficient, when coupled with the generator and battery back-up system, there is enough power to run the servers, computers and lighting in the building, which allows work to continue uninterrupted in the case of a power failure, even in the case of extended power outages.


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