Cooperation offers energy storage benefits

Varta Storage and E-One Moli Energy (Moli) have announced a collaborative relationship to develop the market for high performance Li-ion battery (LiB) applications. With the new cooperation the companies will meet the demand for LiBs in high performance Li-ion cells. The demand arises from major cell vendors and large scale energy storage applications. Varta Storage focuses on battery storage and Li-ion systems while Moli is a producer of Li-ion cells. The two companies expect the production of higher performance batteries and a faster time to market to result from the cooperation. With plans to significantly increase production capacity over the next two years, Moli sees Varta Storage as a key partner in the market which can not only support new customers to develop battery systems using its cells, but which can also provide valuable insight into the requirements of next generation cells ─ keeping both companies one step ahead of the market.

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