CPLC Newsletter – Fall 2018

*CPLC Newsletter | October 2018 * World’s First International Research Conference on Carbon Pricing is set for February 14-15, 2019 in New Delhi, India. Convened by the Carbon Pricing Leadership Coalition , the conference aims to better understand the existing research base on carbon pricing and explore key topics including learning from experience, carbon pricing design, concepts and methods, political economy, decarbonizing the economy, and emerging frontiers. *#PriceOnCarbon *
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The CPLC drives action through knowledge sharing and targeted technical analysis tailored for policy makers, business leaders and practitioners on current and emerging practices related to the design and implementation of carbon pricing initiatives, market trends, opportunities and trade-offs. *Upcoming events*
Chile ETS Training Exercise Workshop Santiago, Chile November 14-15th
*COP 24 * Katowice, Poland December 3-14th
*World Economic Forum Annual Meeting * Davos-Klosters, Switzerland January 23-26, 2019
CPLC Research Conference
February 14-15, 2019
*All Partners Call <srana7@worldbank.org>* RSVP above November 29th at 9AM
More events and details on our website *Construction Industry Value Chain*

Constructed entities account for between 25 and 40 percent of total carbon emissions in the world. The industry’s expected growth and the imperative toward decarbonization have created the impetus for sustainable construction, low-carbon development, and climate risk accountability. In response, the industry is making inroads toward addressing these concerns, including through carbon pricing.
*Toolkit for Internal Carbon Pricing in Higher Education*
* *
At the Global Climate Action Summit, schools pricing carbon launched the Internal Carbon Pricing in Higher Education Toolkit to help others explore how to put a price on CO2 emissions on campus. With support from Second Nature and the Carbon Pricing Leadership Coalition , Yale , Swarthmore , Smith , ASU , University of British Columbia , and University College London built this suite of resources to answer key implementation questions. *Latest Carbon Pricing News and Blogs from Our Website *
– *Carbon Pricing is Crucial to Save the Planet – IFC CEO, Philippe Le Houérou *makes a strong strong case for carbon pricing and explains how the International Finance Corporation is applying a price on carbon in its operations in his latest blog post . – *Half of the New Renewable Energy Connections in Ukraine Has Been Financed by Ukrgasbank – *Chairman of the Board, Ukrgasbank, Kyrylo Shevchenko. Read more>> – *A Sector At A Cross-Roads: the Emerging Role of Carbon Pricing in Transportation -* CPLC Consultant, Usayd Casewit. Read more>> – *The Future is Carbon Trading – *Chief Climate Change Advisor, Shell, David Hone. Read more>> – *Declaration on Carbon Pricing in the Americas: Building Momentum Among Continents – *Neydi Cruz, Angela Churie Kallhauge, Dirk Forrister, Nathaniel Keohane. Read More>> – *Higher Education Leadership on Carbon Pricing – *Director of the Carbon Charge, Yale University, Casey Pickett. Read more>> – *Steps Toward a Low-Carbon Economy: From Footprints to Forward Estimates of Earnings at Risk* *-* Director, Financial Institutions, Trucost, Mona Naqvi, & Lead, Financial Institutions, Trucost, Matyas Horak. Read more>> – *Recap: Climate Week Provides Platform to Drive Action in Latin America and The Caribbean* *-* Staff, World Bank Group, Carlos Cordova. Read More>> – *The 2018 Economics Nobel Shows We Can’t Discuss Economics Without Considering Climate Change* *-* Senior Vice President for Climate, Environmental Defense Fund, Nathaniel Keohane. Read More>> – *Dominica: Tax Reform to Boost Climate Resilience – *David Cal MacWilliam. Read More>> – *Paris Goals Can Only Be Achieved In Time With Robust Bottom-Up Action* *-* Founder and CEO, ALLCOT Group, Alexis L. Leroy. Read More>>
– 9/13 Leading the Way on Carbon Pricing, Colleges and Universities Launch Toolkit to Expand Implmentation – 10/4 IFC Press Release: IFC Becomes First Development Institution To Make TCFD Disclosure on Climate Risk – 10/9 Yale’s William Nordhaus Wins 2018 Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences – 10/15 ASU Director Says University is Working on ‘Shovel Ready’ Solutions to Combat Carbon Emissions – 10/15 Leading the Way: Modeling Carbon Pricing
– 10/16 Carbon Pricing at the Global Maritime Forum’s Summit in Hong Kong – 10/24 Report Launch: Carbon Pricing In The Construction Industry Value Chain – 10/24 Government Of Canada Announces Carbon Tax Plan For Ontario, New Brunswick, Manitoba, And Saskatchewan
*Find more news, blogs, and events on our website:* www.carbonpricingleadership.org & *Share your updates with* us <terb@worldbank.org?subject=Newsletter%3A%20Carbon%20Pricing%20Update>. *Carbon Pricing in Brazilian Industry: a strategic initiative*
This executive brief presents a proposal for the creation of a pioneering carbon market in the Brazilian industrial sector. The development of this proposal is based on discussions at various events organized by the Brazilian Council for Sustainable Development (CEBDS) on carbon pricing, as well on direct consultations with industry representatives from the steel, cement, finance, and oil and gas sectors.
Past Events *Latin American Carbon Forum* Montevideo, August 21- 23
The 12th edition of the Latin America and Caribbean Climate Week, which took place this year in Montevideo, Uruguay from August 20-23, concluded its program with showcasing groundbreaking action underway in the region to dramatically reduce greenhouse gas emissions and build climate resilience to improve sustainability and readiness to tackle the impacts of climate change. Read more>>
*Carbon Pricing Delivering Climate Ambition * San Francisco, September 11
This Global Climate Action Summit (GCAS) affiliate event brought together government leaders, business representatives, higher-education leaders, international policy experts, and civil society to engage on how carbon pricing can drive greater climate ambition. The CPLC supported the event and had secretariat representatives and partners speak about the Carbon Pricing of the Americas initiative, the role of the private sector in carbon pricing adoption, and capacity building around the globe. Read More>> *Higher Education Leadership on Carbon Pricing * San Francisco, September 13
Higher Education Leadership on Carbon Pricing, a Global Climate Action Summit Affiliate Event, brought together higher-education leaders for panels and discussion regarding the use of internal carbon pricing on college and university campuses. At the event, the Working Group on Carbon Pricing in Higher-Education, which the CPLC Co-Organizes alongside Yale University, Swarthmore College, and Second Nature, launched the beta version of the Carbon Pricing Toolkit for colleges and universities interested in implementing carbon pricing on their campus. Read More>>
*Carbon pricing at the Global Maritime Forum’s Summit* Hong Kong, October 3-4
On October 3-4, 2018, the Global Maritime Forum organized its inaugural Annual Summit in Hong Kong . Opened by Chief Executive of Hong Kong, Ms. Carrie Lam, the summit focused on three topics of major relevance for the shipping industry: decarbonization, digitalization and protections. To advance the sector’s discussions on decarbonization, Ian Parry from the International Monetary Fund launched a new IMF Working Paper on Carbon Taxation on International Maritime Fuels at the Summit which has been developed under the maritime work stream of the Carbon Pricing Leadership Coalition . Additionally, a statement signed by numerous shipping CEOs was released calling for enhanced climate action under the International Maritime Organization, including the use of carbon pricing. Read More>> *Inter-ministerial dialogue and workshop by the PMR and CPLC in Côte d’Ivoire * Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire October 4-5
To officially start the joint support of the Partnership for Market Readiness and the CPLC to Côte d’Ivoire, an inter-ministerial dialogue and workshop on environmental taxes and carbon pricing took place in Abidjan from October 4-5, 2018. The workshop brought together key decision-makers from relevant ministries and stakeholders from the private sector and civil society to discuss the potential of a carbon tax in Côte d’Ivoire . Based on the outcomes of the event, several analytical tasks will now be undertaken to help the Ivorian government assess the potential, the impacts and the optimal design of such a market-based mechanism. Read More>>

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