Custom modification option announced

Noja Power recently announced a custom modification option to include a second set of current transformers (CTs) in its OSM recloser product. With the this product being deployed in more substation environments, the additional CTs allow for implementation of differential protection schemes. The additional CTs are installed inside the recloser, with terminals being made available for connection to third party relay equipment. CT leads can be extended from the recloser to a local terminal block for simplicity. Performance of the combined integrated solution has been verified through Australia’s national association of testing authorities (NATA) accredited third party laboratory certification, verifying the accuracy and performance of the equipment is maintained with the additional componentry. A certificate of performance is available as evidence of performance of the equipment. Substation applications are becoming more common for the product, primarily due to savings in capital expenditure of procuring an integrated solution that includes the switchgear and control system in a single package.

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