Cutting the complexity of panel design

A low-voltage electrical distribution system design to reduce the complexity of panel design is available from local supplier ElectroMechanica. Quadro+ modules from Hager combines modularity with low-voltage components to simplify the design of distribution solutions. The modules include assemblies, equipment and accessories required to build a complete enclosure, with IP30 or IP55 protection levels up to 4000 A. This solution is designed around a rigid frame offering adaptability, ease of assembly and quick build times, along with quality components. The system offers support of third-party products like Socomec change-over switches, Lovato motor control and metering, Delta variable speed drives and automation products. This simplifies the completion of projects on time. Customers partnering with EM can design and build the complete LV electrical distribution system they require.

Contact Karen Zotter, ElectroMechanica, Tel 011 249-5000,

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