DC power supply simulates PV array with high output


TDK Corporation announces the introduction of the TDK-Lambda Genesys+ series of high power density programmable DC power supplies – the 5 kW, 1U model is the first in the series. Utilising digital signal processing (DSP) technology, these units provide improved efficiency, performance and functionality over existing products available on the market at a competitive cost. These devices can be useful in applications such as solar photovoltaic (PV) array simulation. The units can operate in constant current, constant voltage or constant power modes and offer internal resistance simulation with operating efficiencies up to 93%. Up to four of these units can be connected in parallel to increase the overall output. The devices auto configure by detecting the parallel data connection and set their parameters accordingly. The master unit becomes the single point for programming, measurement and status of the total current of the paralleled system.

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