Deploying 2000 fast-chargers across the country

An offshoot of the Volkswagen organisation created in the wake of the diesel emissions scandal, Electrify America has a quite ambitious plan. It recently announced it had picked suppliers for a new network of fast-chargers across the country. Between now and the end of 2019, it’s going to deploy 2000 fast-chargers at a total of 484 charging stations for electric vehicles (EVs). There is still a mix of competing standards when it comes to EV charging, so Electrify America’s approach is to offer them all. That means 50 kW CHAdeMO connectors and then dual-handle CCS1 chargers, capable of 50 kW as well as either 150 or 350 kW (using liquid-cooled cables). EVs capable of charging at that rate aren’t on sale yet, but that matches the specifications of forthcoming EVs from the Volkswagen group. Audi’s e-tron and Porsche’s Mission-E will both be on sale in the coming months, and both are capable of accepting 350 kW charges.

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