Diesel engines meet Euro emissions standards

The ISF 2,8 and 3,8 l four-cylinder engines are the latest additions to Cummins’ range of diesel engines. Customers can expect to benefit from reliable performance and low operating costs, as well as low noise and emissions. The ISF 2,8 caters for Euro III and IV emissions levels, offers advanced thermal engineering, electronic integration, and a high-pressure common rail (HPCR) system. In addition, a waste-gated turbocharger provides improved response by means of higher lower-end torque. These engines feature modular architecture for easy access and single-side servicing, reducing overall operating costs. A high top-tank temperature capability facilitates higher operating temperatures, thereby reducing the size and cost of the cooling package required. The electronic control module (ECM) has an industry-standard datalink which accepts input from all powertrain components, creating a seamless flow of shared information, along with a high-speed network. The high processing capability of the ECM maintains an optimum balance between load elements, fuel efficiency, and emissions control.

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