Distributed generation platform developed

Cummins and NRG Energy of the US have announced a strategic commercial partnership to deploy a resilient, cleaner, and cost-effective distributed generation platform for commercial and industrial customers. This platform is the first-of-its-kind in the energy industry. The easy-to-implement solution gives customers the opportunity to transition to a smarter energy consumption model. The platform, with a preliminary estimate of hundreds of megawatts of capacity, or enough to power tens of thousands of homes, enhances customers’ energy usage through Cummins-powered generators and NRG-distributed generation resource capabilities. The companies estimate that the solution will save customers up to 15% on their current energy costs, and in many cases with zero enrolment expenses. In addition to providing customers with more control over their energy future, the platform is expected to reduce environmental impact and power-grid stress significantly. Furthermore, the platform architecture allows for more capacity to meet expanding market requirements.

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