Drives in enclosure size E


The VLT drives in enclosure size E are now available in a new design that gives greater output power, reduced physical dimensions, and improved functionality. Buyers can choose between standalone or cabinet-mounted variants of the single integrated drive. It is now easier to install, commission, and service VLT drives with enclosure size E. Even though the layout is more compact, the new enclosures offer more space for cabling, easier access to terminals, and fewer parts. Built-in options include: fuses, disconnect and fuses, mains shield, brake chopper, Regen terminals, load share terminals, RFI filter, space heater, USB through door, heat sink access panel, and corrosion-resistant back-channel. A unique ducted back-channel passes cooling air over heat sinks with minimal air passing through the electronics area. There is an IP54/Type 12 seal between the back-channel cooling duct and the electronics area of the VLT drive. This allows 90% of the heat losses to be exhausted directly outside of the enclosure, improving  reliability and prolonging life by dramatically reducing temperature rise and contamination of the electronic components.

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