Drones take off in utility inspections


Concerns over worker safety are helping to drive the adoption of drones in utility inspections to new heights. Technology in the form of drones is helping to enhance the safety of employees inspecting power lines, mobile base stations and solar installations, while boosting productivity at the same time. So much more can be achieved when maintenance workers don’t have to physically climb onto structures to inspect them. By advising clients on the most appropriate professional UAV hardware and aerial photogrammetry software for their particular application, TeleEye SA is helping to disrupt the local utility inspection sector for the better. Power line inspection, for example, is often carried out using a telescope. This outdated manual inspection method means only severe defects can be reliably detected. A properly-outfitted drone, on the other hand, can identify fine defects at high altitude. It can also eliminate the need for personnel to physically operate at high altitude in rough terrain, with many potential hazards threatening life and limb.

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