Earthing, lightning protection exams begin


The recently-launched Earthing and Lighting Protection Association (ELPA) has announced that the first set of ELPA examinations is set to commence in August 2017.

ELPA national director Trevor Manas says it is ELPA’s intention to co-ordinate the dissemination of knowledge for lightning industry practitioners, end-users and the public, to communicate holistically around the potentially deadly dangers presented by lightning, and to assist with advice on over-arching legislation to guide all concerned parties.

He says ELPA intends to improve the technical competency within the industry, in particular that of installers, designers and assessors.

The benefits of using ELPA-accredited designs and installers include:

  • An approval service for LPS design drawings.
  • Properly trained installers who have passed the ELPA examination with at least an 80% pass mark.
  • Random inspections of LPS installations by accredited ELPA inspectors.
  • A guarantee on all installations carried out by accredited installers.
  • Independent evaluation of installations and designs, whether these installations or designs are completed by members or not.


Contact Claudelle Pillay, ELPA, Tel 011 704-1487,

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