Electrical council seeks students and young professionals


Cigré wants to increase the participation of women and young professionals under the age of 35 (students in particular) in the organisation’s activities and to create new national committees in Africa. In order to achieve this directive, the Cigré-SA Executive Committee initiated the Cigré-SA Next Generation Network (NGN). This group primarily targets students (from final year in engineering studies to postgraduate studies) and young professional engineers within the power industry. Its mission is to engage its members actively with the council’s activities and develop their knowledge, skills and networks within the industry.

NGN members will have the ability to view recent Cigré publications, and attend NGN sponsored events such as site visits, manufacturing plant visits, webinars and tutorials. This provides members with the opportunity to network and develop personally through mentorship. Additionally, NGN membership facilitates access to Cigré Working Groups both nationally and internationally.

NGN members are encouraged to submit abstracts/papers to Cigré Southern Africa Conference organising committee. More information on this can be obtained on www.cigresa-events.co.za. The best paper author will stand a chance to be sponsored to present at the next Cigré Session in Paris, 2018. Active students will be eligible for free membership while membership fees for young professionals under the age of 35 will be at a discounted rate.

Contact Prince Moyo, Cigré, Tel 011 800-4659, prince.moyo@eskom.co.za

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