Embedded generation adds value to municipal grids

Microgrids and distributed energy resources (DERs) represent the grid of the future. So says Schneider Electric’s Poonam Lutchman. Speaking at the recent AMEU Convention in Cape Town, Lutchman said that municipalities need to become autonomous and secure sustainable revenue by getting ready for DER. The integration of DERs into grids makes these grids more complex and dynamic. This calls for changes in the way power systems are planned, operated and analysed. The company has international capabilities coupled with local expertise in this field. It can assist with the complexity of systems and provide technologies.  Globally, municipalities are recognising that their conventional business models need to change. One approach is to challenge the “single buyer” model which prevents municipal utilities from buying power directly from private generators. The smart grid concept of decentralised automation and control will allow municipalities to become more responsive, as the network is divided into more manageable sections, she added.

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