Enabling the growth of gas-powered transport

NGV Gas, the natural gas provider of commercial fleets and a division of CNG Holdings, is enabling the growth of gas-powered transport in South Africa through a rapidly expanding compressed natural gas distribution network of standalone and in-house fuelling stations: in Gauteng and soon in KwaZulu-Natal too. In recent years, technology has improved significantly to allow for an increase in natural gas vehicles, particularly for fuel-intensive vehicle fleets, such as public transport and commercial vehicles. Natural gas, being the cleanest burning alternative transportation fuel available today, offers an opportunity to meet the soon to be established carbon emission restraints of the Carbon Tax Bill. In addition, natural gas is very safe, because it is lighter than air, in the event of an accident it simply dissipates into the air, instead of forming a dangerously flammable pool on the ground like other liquid fuels. This also contributes to the prevention of ground pollution. The chemical compositions of natural gas allow CNG vehicles to burn much cleaner than traditionally fuelled vehicles.

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