Energize appointed official journal for SA solar industry


The South African Solar Voltaic Industry Association (SAPVIA) has appointed Energize as its official journal. In a letter to the association’s members, Niveshen Govender, SAPVIA’s programme manager, says that Energize provides content which is relevant to SAPVIA and its members, as well as to the renewable energy sector of Southern Africa.

Niveshen Govender and Chris Yelland

The partnership was established to benefit SAPVIA members while promoting the best solar PV has to offer in the South African market, he says. Some of the content submitted to Energize, which will include information from SAPVIA and its members, such as success stories, features on socio-economic and enterprise development, articles on work done by specific technical and other working groups in the field of solar PV, will be shared with Vector for the benefit of South African electrical contractors.


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