Energy programme supports World Environment Day

World Environment Day, which encourages worldwide awareness and action for protecting the environment, is celebrated on 5 June each year. This year’s theme was “Air Pollution”. Fossil fuel combustion is the biggest contributor to air pollution. The leading culprits are traffic, factories and power plants. Power plants which burn coal to produce electricity emit hazardous gases, particulates and hydrocarbons into the air. Schneider Electric cares about the many places where its has a corporate presence. This means playing an active role in serving markets which consume 70% of the world’s energy demand but also bringing economic and sustainable development to some of the most remote, off-grid communities around the world. The company’s commitment to solar power and electric vehicles is well documented. In South Africa, the company takes great pride in its installations of solar powered lights at various schools and communities thus not only saving on fossil fuel but also providing a safer environment.

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