Energy storage unit available locally


The Daimler subsidiary, Deutsche Accumotive, has introduced a stationary energy storage unit which can be used by industrial and domestic users alike. The new Mercedes Benz-branded energy storage unit makes use of the experiences gained in the development of Li-ion storage systems for supplying energy in mobile applications. The system enables energy generated to be fed into the power circuit of the business or household as required. The benefits of these advanced battery units include: protection against fluctuating energy costs, cleaner energy, increased independence and more reliable availability during periods of high demand due to weather conditions. Each individual module delivers 2,5 kWh of energy, meaning that the average homeowner would probably need two of these modules. The storage unit is modular and can be scaled up to several MW. These systems are now available in South Africa from ElectroMechanica.

Contact Lizanne Scholtz, Electro Mechanica, Tel 011 249-5000,

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