Engineers@Leisure: Flying my way around the world


Making a point of piloting in every country I travel to became a hobby of mine in 2004. I have flown the skies of Canada, Australia, the US, Germany, Brazil and Austria…

My hobby is flying aircraft, and I have been doing so since August 1998. The majority of my flying has been in microlight aircraft, but I am busy converting to a private pilot’s licence.

I travel abroad quite often and one day my mom asked me, “Why don’t you fly in the countries that you are visiting?” I took her words to heart and I now fly in the different countries that I visit.

My first flight in a foreign country was in a Cirrus SRS, and took place in Canada on 11 October 2004 at King George Aviation Park next to Vancouver. I flew over the “mudflats” and a small bit of the Fraser river, looking at logs being floated down river to the various sawmills… (more)

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