Engineers@Leisure: The limitless joys of stargazing

My interest in astronomy started in childhood when my dad bought me a small Tasco refractor telescope at the age of twelve. I was fascinated with what was out there to see. I later became interested in astrophotography, and since I also enjoy taking photographs, purchased a DSLR camera.

Three work colleagues, enthusiastic astronomy and astrophotography “Star Trackers”: David Jordaan, Gideon Naude and I, enjoy both hobbies concurrently and all belong to the West Rand Astronomy Club (WRAC).


Gideon, too, loved to stare into the night sky for hours as a child. He started taking pictures of the stars at the end of 2016, and then purchased a second-hand camera (Canon 600D) at the start of 2017. He likes to take pictures of nature…(more)

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