Event Wednesday 4 May, Zoom. AgriVoltaics for the Food / Water / Energy / Jobs Nexus in Southern Africa: Programme, presenter line-up and date change

*Dear Colleague*

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You your staff, colleagues, business associates, friends and all interested persons are cordially invited to attend a dialogue on:

*AgriVoltaics for the Food / Water / Energy / Jobs Nexus in Southern Africa* <app.glueup.com/event/agrivoltaics-for-the-food-water-energy-jobs-nexus-in-southern-africa-52242/>

*DATE:* Wednesday 4 May 2022 (Please note date change from 28 April 2022 due to public holidays in South Africa)
*TIME:* 12h00 to 14h30 SAST (GMT+2)
*COST:* Free-of-charge
*PLATFORM:* Zoom Webinar

*HOSTED BY:* EE Business Intelligence <www.eebi.co.za/>
*SUPPORTED BY:* Agora Energiewende <www.agora-energiewende.de/en/> *,* PwC <www.pwc.co.za/> and RES4Africa Foundation <www.res4africa.org/>
*SPONSORED BY:* Fraunhofer ISE <www.ise.fraunhofer.de/en.html>, SUNfarming <sunfarming.co.za/en/home-en>, Stellenbosch University <fip.sun.ac.za/> and Navitas Holdings <navitasholdings.co.za/>

*Register online here for the link to join and diarise* <app.glueup.com/event/agrivoltaics-for-the-food-water-energy-jobs-nexus-in-southern-africa-52242/>


*Agrivoltaics* is taking shape in China, Europe and Japan, and but is essentially still a concept at the cutting edge in Southern Africa.

In South Africa *Agrivoltaics* could leverage the need for renewable energy and intensive commercial farming for the rehabilitation of damaged land and polluted water in Mpumalanga, to provide industrial, agricultural and potable water, food, quality jobs and energy in a sustainable, circular economy for local communities.

*Agrivoltaics* leverages the just transition, small business development and job creation in a way that is an order of magnitude greater than solar PV alone. This makes *Agrivoltaics* uniquely appropriate for the just transition in South Africa and the region,

*”All-in-all, integrating renewable energy solutions in the agri-food and water supply chains can greatly bolster water and energy security, decrease cost volatility, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and contribute to long-term food sustainability”*, says Gurbuz Gonul, the director of IRENA’s Country Engagement and Partnerships Division.


*12h00 – 12h05:* Welcome by Chris Yelland, *EE Business Intelligence*
*12h05 – 12h10:* Opening words and contextualisation by *RES4Africa Foundation*
*12h10 – 12h30:* Presentation by Brendon Bingwa, *Fraunhofer ISE, Germany*
*12h30 – 12h50:* Presentation by Dr Richard Randle-Boggis, *Sheffield University, UK*
*12h50 – 13h00:* Comfort break
*13h00 – 13h20:* Presentation by Mike Levington, *Navitas Holdings*
*13h20 – 13h40:* Presentation by Gustav Radloff, *SUNfarming*
*13h40 – 13h50:* Summary and wrap-up by James Mackay, * PwC*
*13h50 – 14h25:* Open discussion and Q&A moderated by * Chris Yelland*
*14h25 – 14h30:* Announcement of next webinar, thanks and closure by *Chris Yelland*

*Register online here for the link to join and diarise* <app.glueup.com/event/agrivoltaics-for-the-food-water-energy-jobs-nexus-in-southern-africa-52242/>

I look forward to seeing you at the webinar!

Kind regards


*Chris Yelland*
Managing director
EE Business Intelligence (Pty) Ltd
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