[event{AFRICA WATER, WASTE & GREEN ENERGY CONFERENCE 21st – 22nd July 2022 at the 2 Oceans Aquarium in Cape Town South Africa

*21st – 22nd July 2022 *
*2 Oceans Aquarium, Cape Town, South Africa*
*“Sustainable solutions to water, waste and energy related tribulations in Africa”*

Good day,

I trust this finds you well. The Federated Management Institute invites you to *attend/sponsor/partner* at the upcoming *Africa water, Waste & Green Energy Conference 2022* taking place at the *2 Oceans Aquarium,* *Cape Town, South Africa on the 21st – 22nd of July 2022*.

The conference aims to bring industry experts to the table to uncover pathways that will lead us to a low-carbon future. It will also focus on the regulatory landscape, planning and development, stakeholder engagement, and technology and innovation in the water, waste, and green energy sectors.

We’re delighted to be hosting the *Africa Water, Waste & Green Energy Conference 2022 *(dubbed 4 in 1)and continuing our quest to promote innovation, investment and collaboration across the water, waste, and green energy sectors. This year’s agenda will explore the latest trends in water, waste and green energy, and projects across the continent and around the globe, energy challenges in South Africa and on the continent, government’s involvement and funding of green energy and WtE projects across the continent among other exciting topics.

*Highlights of Water/Waste & Green Energy*
– Water-Use Efficiency: Advances and Challenges in a Changing Climate – Industrial Effluent Impact on Municipal Wastewater – Water governance challenges in rural South Africa – Waste Management Policies in South Africa – Municipal waste management – The Need for Appropriate Waste Management Processes – Solar energy utilization and its collection devices – Mustapha Energy-Residual Waste to Energy-A Smaller Scale Embedded Energy Concept Plant in Cape Town-Case Study – The Role of manufacturers, designers and suppliers of WtE implements in Africa

*Benefits of Exhibiting*
– Benefit from cross-industry exposure through the colocation – Discover opportunities for strategic partnerships and marketing alliances – Position your brand as the leader for industry solutions – Enhance your brand presence through sponsorship opportunities exclusive to exhibitors – Drive thought leadership by participating in top notch presentations from industry experts

*Who Should Attend?*

Water resource planners and engineers Conservation professionals • Green infrastructure professionals • Water Catchment Operations Managers • Municipal water & wastewater utilities • Industry consultants • National, Local, Provincial Government • Water treatment OEMs and system[1]integrators, decision-makers in government, municipalities, water boards and public health departments • Research groups • Utility managers • Water quality specialists • Public affairs managers • Project managers • Parks & Recreation Managers • Business Development Managers • Water Resource Managers • Infrastructure Managers • Water Plant Managers • Project Heads • Technical Department Heads • Operations Heads • Process Engineers • Principal Hydrogeologists • Environmental & Social Advisors • Water Use Planners • Catchment Management Agencies • Water Resources Specialists, • Water Area Managers • Scientific Managers • Business Development Managers • Agricultural Engineers/Project Managers • Independent Consultants • Agricultural Extension Officers • Team Leaders-Land & Water Management • Rural Development Coordinators • Water Quality & Revenue Managers • Data Analysts • Lecturers • Funding agencies • Research organizations

To confirm your registration kindly complete and email back the duly signed registration form which is on the last page of the course brochure herein attached to my details to kuda@africawater.co.za or alternatively call me on the details below regarding Speaker’s Slot ,Sponsorships & Exhibitors Packages.