Exhibitions company celebrates 50 years

This is an exciting time in South Africa’s history to be celebrating 50 years of achievement and success. So says Gary Corin, Managing Director of Specialised Exhibitions Montgomery at the company’s recent 50th anniversary celebration. Speaking at the celebratory event, attended by industry partners, exhibitors, suppliers, and media, among others, Corin said that this country has entered a new era with a new leader who says he is committed to driving the economy out of the doldrums.

Gary Corin

It was an evening of catching up with old friends, sharing memories of the past and excitedly talking about opportunities for the future. After five decades of serving the exhibition industry, it was a fitting celebration for a company that has stood the test of time with strong leadership, high values and unwavering ethics. A company that has built a reputation for consistently delivering shows of excellence across a broad spectrum of industries.

“We have built a proud heritage over the past 50 years,” says Corin, “Our experience and strong reputation bring confidence to our stakeholders. We also recognise that it’s through their continued support that we have reached this important milestone. So many people have contributed to our success. Today is an opportunity to thank our industry partners, our exhibitors, suppliers and media partners. We also thank our staff both past and present for their immense contributions.”

Corin said that the company is looking forward to renewed business confidence and growth. Exhibitions stimulate trade which is exactly what South Africa needs to improve its economy and create employment opportunities. Special guests at the 50th celebration were Sandy Angus, Chairman of Montgomery and Angus Montgomery, and Damion Angus who is Group Managing Director of Montgomery and Angus Montgomery.

“You are only able to build a business like this over 50 years if it has a solid foundation,” said Sandy Angus. “The ethos of the business is all important; high values and ethics are strongly embedded in all that we do. This drives our vision and purpose. Success also involves staying close to the industries you serve and a willingness to put money back into these industries. There is no room for compromising on quality. We invest in long-term partnerships with our industry stakeholders.”

Damion Angus shared his view on the importance of collaboration and why it’s so crucial to business success. “Without teamwork, without partnerships and without co-operation, a business is less likely to succeed. Our business has been built on collaboration. It is vitally important that we work together with industry as a whole, servicing the needs of industry. We spend time building strong relationships, even with our fiercest competitors.”

Damion also shared his thoughts on the importance of being local. “Specialised Exhibitions Montgomery is a proudly local business – local skills, using local suppliers, local products and services. We invest in the local economy, assist with local job creation and boost local business whilst creating opportunities for growth for our exhibitors.”

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