Extending a helping hand for those in need


We are all aware of how much need there is in our country, but it is sometimes hard to identify how to direct a donation so that it makes the maximum difference.  On a visit to Mother of Peace, a children’s home based on a smallholding in Johannesburg, there was no doubt that it is a warm, humane place where the children are the focus.

EE Publishers’ Irene Blythe (second from left), Abraham Mothlale (centre) and Charmaine Manicom (far right) with some of the volunteers at the home.

Even the legal status as a non-profit organisation was chosen with this in mind as it allows children to stay beyond the age of 18. Normally, children have to leave homes and shelters at this age, leaving them with life on the streets as their most likely future.

Looking at the children playing calmly and contentedly on the Mother of Peace property, it is clear that the home is achieving its aim of giving the children as much structure, care and love as possible via its family environment.

Mama Pat and Mama Val, retired and not remunerated, are the guiding force behind Mother of Peace, along with seven staff members, who are paid as much as the community can afford, and two volunteers, who receive a small stipend.  Behind the pleasant impressions, though, is the reality of a constant struggle to provide for 40 children of all ages, from two to 20 years, some with intellectual disabilities. Facilities in some cases are extremely basic and even sub-standard.

Mother of Peace will probably never reach a stage where the people who run it can stand back and say, “The job is done.” Lots of willing assistance though, in the form of funds, goods and time, will make the job doable, and EE Publishers was happy to make a financial contribution to the valuable work being done at Mother of Peace.


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