Factory installs solar to reduce costs, emissions

Emergent Energy, which was recently wholly acquired by financial services provider FedGroup, has completed a 83 kW rooftop solar installation for Cape Union Mart’s K-Way factory in Ottery, Cape Town, helping the company to realise its ambitions to cut carbon emissions and reduce its environmental impact. On days with abundant sunshine, for instance, the K-Way rooftop solar plant is capable of meeting all of the factory’s electricity needs. This means less reliance on the grid, and when there’s a surplus, opportunities for additional revenue become available. K-Way, for example, is embarking on a process to feed excess electricity generated over weekends from the over 250 solar panels installed on the factory’s roof, into the City of Cape Town’s grid.

Contact Yoann Joyeux, Emergent Energy, Tel 011 028 8060 21 828-4201, info@emergy.co.za


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