[Finance]Energise Africa – Investment & Impact Report

*UK crowdfunding platform raises £14M for energy access in Africa * [image: Top 3 energy access companies using P2P business lending in 2018]
We are pleased to share our latest publication Energise Africa: Investment and Impact Report , which highlights the increasing role of retail investment in the off-grid energy sector.
Energise Africa , a UK-based online impact investment platform, has raised over £14 million in debt for off-grid energy businesses in its first two years of operation. A remarkable achievement when you consider that half of the investments on the platform are less than £500. Investors are motivated by triple-bottom-line returns with priority given to environmental impact, ahead of social impact and financial return.
Click here to find out how donor funding catalyses co-investment, who is investing and why, and how companies like Simusolar are leveraging crowdfunding, or click below to download the report.
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