First energy storage conference announced


EE Publishers will present the SA Energy Storage 2017 conference and exhibition on 28 and 29 November this year. The event, which will be hosted at Emperor’s Palace, Gauteng, will be themed, “Showcasing energy storage technologies and applications as an enabling and disruptive technology”, and will cover policy, regulatory, economic, technology, business and application issues associated with the storage of energy.

SA Energy Storage 2017 will highlight energy storage and technologies and underscore the power of technology and the various tools that make this possible. The conference will provide a platform for energy storage technologies, tools, skills, services, solutions and applications.

The focus will be on innovative technologies, solutions and applications for business leaders, managers, data analysts, engineers, scientists, project managers and decision-makers from all sectors of the economy.

These solutions will include utility-scale battery and pumped water, as well as railway-based potential energy storage; energy storage for industrial, commercial, domestic and micro-grid applications, electric vehicles, remote power supplies for telecoms, power quality, synthetic inertia, frequency control and consumer electronic products; energy storage and smart grids, fuel cells and hydrogen; integration of energy storage with flexible generation sources such as power from gas; UPS and other standby power supply applications, and energy harvesting and storage.

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